EXCLUSIVE: Jose Mourinho Told Me He Wants To Manage In England Again One Day - Zlatan Ibrahimovic

In Part 2 of his EXCLUSIVE interview with Goal.com, Zlatan Ibrahimovic talks about the Champions League and about two of his former coaches at Inter, Jose Mourinho and Roberto Mancini

This week Barcelona return to one of their favourite competitions this week as they resume their Champions League assault. It’s a tournament which Zlatan Ibrahimovic desperately wants to win. Having failed to triumph with both Inter and Juventus in Italy as well as with Dutch side Ajax, the Catalan club are his real hope of winning one of club football's biggest prizes.

The European champions are drawn away in the first leg, with German side Stuttgart lying in wait. Both teams go into the clash buoyed after their weekend performances. Stuttgart were 5-1 winners in the Bundesliga, Barca won 4-0 in La Liga. For Zlatan though it’s going to be a nervous 24-hour wait. The striker missed the win at home to Sporting Gijon because of a swollen ankle. Club medics are hoping the swelling will go down enough for him to be able to take part.

The bookies may not be giving the Germans any chance, but the Swedish striker is far more cautious.

“The Champions League is decided on small details, sometimes you have luck, sometimes you have the moment, and other times you don't,” he explains.

"Stuttgart won't be an easy game for us. And after having seen [last week's] four games you really don't know what can happen in the second legs. All you can do is be focused. We have ninety minutes against Stuttgart. We will try to do a job there and bring a good result back to Barcelona and then finish it there. But I think every team is a threat to us."

But some of the teams are more dangerous than others. And two of them face each other. Inter against Chelsea is undoubtedly the pick of the round. It pitches Inter boss Jose Mourinho with his former side for the first time since he left the Londoners. And according to Ibrahimovic it’s a game the Portuguese 'man of war' will be relishing.

"These are the games that he likes, against his old ex-clubs. He will be well prepared and he is looking forward to coming back to London and seeing his ex-players. He knows what to do to prepare his team to beat them, but it won't be easy. Chelsea have a good coach also and a fantastic team. With Mourinho everything can happen and every day is a new day with him."

Zlatan shared a special relationship with the Portuguese who once described him as the best striker in the world. In return the Swede describes his former boss as a man who knows exactly what he wants from his players.

"We got along well together. He's a real disciplinarian," Ibrahimovic says. "He gets what he wants because he knows what to do. He is very focused and wants to bring out the best in all of his players. When things are not going well, you see what Mourinho is. But that is normal, because he doesn't like to lose."

I suggest to Zlatan that looking at it from the outside Mourinho seems to be "irritated" by Italian football and seems to hanker more for the English game. And I ask him whether he thinks Jose will go back to England.

"I think so because that is what he has told me; that it [the English Premier League] is his favourite league and he wants to return one day. Italy is totally different. You cannot come and change Italian football, Italian football changes you,"  Zlatan continues.

“The way they play is nothing like in England. There is more rhythm in England and it’s more aggressive.  In Italy it’s more tactical, more careful. You score one goal and think okay that's enough, let’s now wait for the game to finish. That's not the way he likes to do it. He's trying to change it all the time but it’s not that easy. We are talking about a [style] of football that's about one hundred years old. Of course it has been developing, but not in the way English football has."

Ibrahimovic is almost an expert on the English game, just by the fact that the main coaches he has had in his life are now all in England. Aside from Mourinho's connections, Fabio Capello, his former boss at Juventus, is in charge of the national team, and of course Roberto Mancini, who also worked with him at Inter, took over the reins at Manchester City only last December. Considering Mancini had been out of work, I ask Zlatan if he was surprised by that move.

"No, absolutely not. He did a great job at Inter. He won a couple of titles. He got a name as an emerging coach. I think it's a good move for him. He will learn a lot there and bring his experience from Italy."

If Mourinho is more of a disciplinarian coach, then Ibrahimovic sees Mancini as much more of a players' coach.

"Oh, he's a footballer's coach. He was a fantastic player himself. He can express himself in more of a football way, in a more active way. Very much like Guardiola can. What I mean by that is that he can actually go out and show the moves himself that he wants his players to do. You know Manchester City are learning as well. They are not a top team yet. I think both Mancini and Manchester City can develop together and become big together and make it a winning team."

Zlatan could very easily play in England, and I wonder if he would ever consider playing there.

"You know, I've never thought about England. I never had any 100 per cent offers to go there. So that was never my idea. You only go for the offers that are serious, and I had that from Barcelona. And at the moment there isn't a club bigger than Barcelona.  I am now 28 years old and I have a five-year contract. I'm really very happy here, and am enjoying just trying to become a better player."