Johan Cruyff Reveals Origin Of Barcelona's Tactics

Having paved the way for the current team's success, the coach explains his inspiration...
Johan Cruyff has revealed the strategy that saw him lay down the foundations for the system that has brought Barcelona so much success over the past two decades.

The Dutch legend created the Blaugrana Dream Team of the early 1990's that won four consecutive league titles and the European Cup by employing the familiar 4-3-3 system.

That formation has continued under proceeding coaches, including Louis van Gaal, before Pep Guardiola took it on and adapted it further and now Cruyff has explained how he came up with the idea.

“I come from a mentality where good football predominates, beyond the result," he told Barca TV. “The result is not everything, only a part and playing good football is the key

“For me the basis of football is technique and possession. I always want to have the ball, dominate and do what I want on the pitch. I never adapt to others. This is the most difficult football to play.

“There are no stars that shine more than the others. They’re all stars and everyone has to carry out their obligations. Somebody will be better on one day and somebody else the next, but it all has to come together in a single team, never in a team of individuals.

I’ve always put the team above the individual. If the team works, the star is on top of all.

"It’s true that football also has strategy. If I see that a team has a full-back with certain characteristics, I’ll play a winger who can beat him. But all the decisions you can take before a match stay up in the air because you never know how the other team will play.

"You can apply the strategy as you go, after seeing how the match is going after five minutes and you make the changes you believe are appropriate," he concluded.

Lucas Brown,