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EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool Have Signed A Jewel In Suso - Cadiz Youth Chief

Liverpool have signed a jewel for the future when they secured the services of Jesus Fernandez Saez, who is nicknamed Suso, ahead of the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid, according to his former youth team coach, Quique Gonzalez. spoke exclusively to the Cadiz trainer that helped groom the 16-year-old before he was spotted by the Reds and he gave his thoughts on the player's abilities, character and chance of succeeding in England. Quique, how did Suso arrive at Cadiz?

Quique Gonzalez: Suso arrived at the club four or five years ago. He played for all the junior teams before moving up to play for the cadetes. I saw him play in a small team in the region, Centro Berman, and as Cadiz have a collaboration agreement with them we offered Suso the chance to join us and move here with his family. Has he had any experience playing at juvenile level?

QG: Yes, he has played in the Cadiz and Andalucia teams, but it has surprised me that they have never called him up for the Spain Under-16 team. The coach has seen him several times, but has not called him. That is strange because the Andalucian side is one of the strongest at national level in his age group and Suso has stood out for them and been the best on occasion. But they still have decided not to call him up. What kind of player have Liverpool signed? What will Suso give them?

QG: He is a left-sided midfielder with extraordinary talent. He has great quality, a good shot, his vision is great and his passing is outstanding. He has a bit of everything and I think they have signed a jewel. With a youth team one can try them out in several positions, but I think he would also be good as an attacking or holding midfielder. He may not have that much speed, that is not his strong point. But he can dribble well and does have great vision. He could be effective playing in the middle. Could you compare him with a well-known player in Spain?

QG: I do not like making comparisons, but if you are talking about his style of play then maybe someone like Guti. He may also have something about him like Albert Riera too, but not as much. I think Suso does have elements of those players. What is very important though is that he can score goals. He likes to go into the area as part of the second wave. He has scored a good number of goals from distance too, that is one of his qualities. What is Suso like as a person?

QG: He is dedicated and intelligent. He is well-grounded. He focuses on his education, is a good team-mate who is also well-disciplined and good mannered. Liverpool cannot have been the first team to want him. What other clubs were interested?

QG: Various Spanish teams watched him, the biggest ones. Almeria did and Villarreal and then Sevilla and after them Real Madrid and Barcelona also showed an interest. When things like this happen the smaller clubs are used to struggling to hold on to players and with Barca and Madrid looking on it is difficult. But Liverpool's offer seemed to be very good and that was something that they sorted out with the boy and his family. What does it mean to Cadiz that a club like Liverpool were interested in one of your players? Especially one that had not even trained with the first team.

QG: As much for me as for the coaches at the club it was a proud moment that such a big team saw him and were so interested. It means that the Cadiz youth system is working well and that we have good players. It also made me a bit sad that we did not have the chance to see him play in our first team though. He has left without ever training at the highest level with us. We had great hopes for him, but that is the way it is. If Manchester United cannot even keep Cristiano Ronaldo when Real Madrid were interested, you can imagine what it is like for a club Cadiz. Cadiz have won promotion back to la Segunda A and Liverpool may want to loan the player out before giving him his debut in the Premier League.

QG: I think that he has everything needed to succeed there, but if he cannot do it quickly and he was to spend time with another team it would be great if he was to fill a space in our team. But I am sure he will have plenty of offers from clubs in England too.

Lucas Brown,