Barcelona Finance Chief: I Don't Know Where Real Madrid Find The Money

Los Blancos' mammoth spending spree has raised eyebrows around the world, especially in Catalunya...
Barcelona's economic director is mystified how Real Madrid are able to spend so much money on players and has called on Florentino Perez to reveal where it is all coming from.

Xavier Sala i Martin does not understand how a club that have previously admitted to having huge debts already can suddenly gain access to the huge sums they are now spending.

Kaka and Ronaldo have both been signed for a total of almost €160 million and the Barca financial chief does not believe that can be regained simply through commercialising the pair.

"I do not know where the €300 million that Florentino Perez thinks he has for signings actually comes from," Sala i Martin told radio station, RAC1.

"He says he will recoup it by selling replica shirts and so he will have to sell 30 million of them. That is impossible.

"Someone is going to have give them money and it would be good if he explained it.

"How can it be that a football club has so much money to spend, bearing in mind the current economic situation in the country and the politics of credit restriction in place in all banks.

"If the money does not come from his own business, then it will come from a property developer."

Following president Joan Laporta's line, Sala i Martin goaded Madrid by stating that the Catalan club would never have to resort to such risky tactics to buy success.

"I can assure you that we will not pay €65 million for one player. For that price we could buy the whole team that won the Champions League in Rome," he added.

Lucas Brown,