Sporting Gijon To Take 4,000 Fans To Valladolid

The Asturian club are still taking supporters to Valladolid despite the unhealthy relations between the two sides...
Sporting Gijon will take 4,000 fans to Valladolid for their showdown this Saturday evening, and half of them will be without tickets for the match.

The Asturian club have been involved in a feud with la Pucela lately regarding tickets prices, and earlier this week broke all relations with them.

Now, according to AS, the supporters clubs have met and have decided to go to Valladolid without tickets for the game.

Reports state that 65 representatives were present at the meeting held last night and made the decision to go to the match, with or without tickets.

Some did decline the opportunity and it is thought that this reduced the number of fans from a potential 8,000 down to 4,000.

The intention of the supporters is to travel to the stadium directly rather than spend any money in the city and they have organised travel and food themselves.

They have ruled out making a demonstration about the situation as it would be illegal, but they are attempting to make arrangements with restaurants from Gijon to meet and watch the game.

Valladolid have not made a statement about the situation yet but they are reported to have kept 1,000 tickets for sponsors, something that is likely to frustrate Sporting Gijon even more.

James Walker-Roberts,