Del Bosque: I'd Have David Villa Over Kaka And Cristiano Ronaldo

If Real Madrid are going to spend big to add to their squad they would do well to look at Spanish players before going abroad...
Vicente del Bosque thinks that Real Madrid should not continuously look abroad for new talent because he believes the players available in la Primera Division are better.

The Spain boss was asked about which stars he would most like to have in a hypothetical team and given the choice of Kaka, Cristiano Ronaldo or David Villa he chose the latter.

After helping the Spanish to win the European Championships last year Villa's stick has risen even more, but Madrid are still being strongly linked with Milan's Kaka and Manchester United's Ronaldo.

"Kaka, Cristiano and Villa? I would choose Villa," Del Bosque is quoted as saying by AS.

"We have a magnificent squad of players with great quality in Spain.

"To coach this team is easy and I enjoy being in charge of all these great players."

If Florentino Perez wins the presidential elections in June at Madrid then that would rule out Del Bosque from returning to the club in any capacity after the way he was sacked in 2003.

"It is impossible that I could return to Real Madrid with Florentino there," the trainer added.

Lucas Brown,