David Albelda Considering Valencia Exit

After spending a season frozen out at Valencia, David Albelda is enjoying himself back in the squad but this could be his last season at the club.

David Albelda has stated that he will leave Valencia in the summer if the club decide that he is surplus to requirements, but until then he is keen to work hard and help the team.

The veteran midfielder is dismayed by the current financial plight at Mestalla and knows that winning on the pitch will ease the pressure that is building behind-the-scenes.

After a season of being frozen out by Ronald Koeman last term, Albelda is trying to enjoy being back in the fold but is having to put up with all the criticism the team is receiving.

"I think that this year, after everything that has happened, I can separate myself from all the comments.  The feeling that I have when people talk about a cycle they are just making things up," he told AS.

"In my opinion what most important is to be well and to give everything we can. Then we will decide whether later on we retire or move.

"That is something for the club to decide and those in charge of the sporting side. Right now all I can do is train hard and try to give my best.

"I would really like to stay and play at the top with Valencia, but I ma open to anything, but that is something for later.

"It depends on the needs of the club. If one day Valencia decide they do not want me, then I could well try my hands abroad, for example."

Valencia have huge debts, according to reports, and Albelda is surprised by how quickly the situation appears to have happened.

"They are always putting names forward, but nobody said that they should spend €150 to €200 million in the last few years. Clearly that has to happen and the sooner the better, but they have spent a fortune already and nothing has happened," he continued.

"In the last few seasons a lot of money has been spent and now the club is running into debt and unfortunately we are now in a complicated economic situation."

Last weekend Albelda had a spat with Raul Albiol at the final whistle after the defender gave away an injury time penalty, that was missed, but it was exaggerated by the media, he explained.

"I have not given it much importance. The only thing I want when I play is to win. It would have been cowardly if I had only said something if the penalty had gone in," the Spain international stated.

"What would I have said otherwise? Albi, do not worry, nothing happened, we will try again next week? There were a lot of emotions at that moment.

"I did not want to fight and things were not going to go to far. All I told him was that he had to concentrate until the whistle because any mistakes could cost us and we are already in a delicate situation."

"When we reached the dressing room I told him that everyone would talk about that with all the cameras out there. He told me he would go out and tell everyone I would be the Godfather to his child, but could not believe he actually did it."

Lucas Brown, Goal.com