Carles Puyol On Life, Leadership And Trophies At Barcelona,

Barcelona's club captain has revealed that he does not feel like a leader, but is keen to stay at Camp Nou for the rest of his career having led the club to success this term.

Carles Puyol has dedicated himself to Barcelona for the rest of his career and admitted that he does not see himself as captain material despite having the Camp Nou armband.

The Blaugrana skipper is confident that he can guide the club to success this term despite the fact that the pressure began to tell with the team's recent dip in form.

Having joined Barcelona at the age of 16, Puyol cannot envisage himself ever playing for another club, despite the numerous offers that he has had throughout his career.

"I never want to change teams and if they want me, I will stay here for many years," he told El Mundo.

For a player that is now synonymous with the Catalan senyera armband of the Barcelona captain, Puyol himself still feels that he is not the top dog of the side.

"I do not consider myself to be a leader in any aspect, that is the truth. I have simply played for this club for a long time and I have been very lucky," he continued.

"In school I was also captain of the football team, but I was never the class delegate or known for my style.

Barcelona suffered a slight blip in February when they were beaten by Atletico de Madrid and Espanyol, but Puyol thinks that the club is now back on track.

"The team is hungry for trophies and we are all working hard and with a great desire," he explained.

"Although Real Madrid have trimmed the lead that was 12 points, we have to continue to be positive and to have complete confidence."

Such is Puyol's dedication to the club and his desire to perform that he had to be told by the club's staff to slow down if he wanted to avoid burning out.

"I train a lot because I like to be at my best for games. Before I dedicated even more time to it, but the physical trainers have told me to slow down a little because it was not good," he added.

"I do not like to go out much, although it is good to disconnect and I like to read."

Lucas Brown,