Player Ratings: Chievo 0-1 Inter

The Serie A clash in Verona ended in a 1-0 win for Inter. rates the participants.

Sorrentino - 6.5:
Made a couple of good saves and actually did well to block Mario Balotelli's initial shot on goal.

Sardo - 5:
Had a below-average match and made more rash challenges than he should have.

Mandelli - 6: Had a relatively decent match and made a few crucial interventions.

Yepes - 8: Was an absolute rock in the heart of the Chievo backline as he made numerous challenges and tackles on Balotelli, Milito and co.

Mantovani - 5.5: Left himself exposed on a number of occasions and lookds shaky at the back, although he did contribute on occasions in the Chievo attack.

Luciano - 6: Looked impressive in the first half but got tired in the second sessions and was substituted towards the end of the match.

Rigoni - 5.5: Worked hard in the midfield but couldn't get much hold or control of the midfield

Bentivoglio - 6.5: His commitment cannot be questioned but he did defend with intensity and attacked with purpose, whipping in an odd cross or not. But he lacked the technical quality to trouble the Inter defenders.

Marcolini - 6.5: Gave away the ball cheaply twice in the second half but he was a key attacking player for Chievo and helped start and continue moves towards the Nerazzurri citadel.

Pellissier - 7: He was unlucky not to have earned a clear penalty kick in the first half and went close on a number of occasions. Pellissier was Chievo's main attacking threat but he also looked awful in his finishing at times.

Bogdani - 4.5: Utterly anonymous in the match.


Abbruscato - 6:
Could have made an immediate impact as soon as he came on in the second half and went close on another occasion.

Pinzi - 5.5:
Didn't look very creative during the time he was on the pitch.

Granoche - N/A


Julio Cesar - 6:
Didn't have much to do really today but he did fumble on the ball once.

Maicon - 6.5:
Defensively he looked very solid and strong but his crosses and shots today were mostly appalling.

Lucio - 7.5: Made a number of challenges and headed the ball from danger on several occasions and looked as solid as ever at the heart of the Inter defence.

Cordoba - 7: Except for that poor challenge on Pellissier in the first half that the referee overlooked, Cordoba didn't commit any mistake and complemented Lucio perfectly in the Inter central defence.

Chivu - 7: Could have scored a wondergoal himself as he took on the Chievo backline all by himself on one occasion and was good at the back too but injury forced him out of the game in the 48th minute.

Balotelli - 8: Scored a good goal that turned out to be the winner and was threatening on other occasions too. Except for a stupid yellow card, Balotelli had a good game.

Vieira - 7: Had a good game in central midfield as he looked strong and capable in controlling his opposite number. There are suggestions that this is his last game for the Nerazzuri. If so, then it wasn't a bad end.

Sneijder - 6.5: Didn't look very creative or very confident on set-pieces but he was a major player in the Inter midfield and made all the running in the attacking third for his side.

Zanetti - 5.5: A collector's item as the evergreen Argentine failed to make any impression. Was mostly anonymous in the game.

Pandev - 6.5: Pandev was deeply involved in Balotelli's goal in the 12th minute but apart from that, he couldn't do much except lay a few passes. But it was a decent and somewhat encouraging debut for the Macedonian.

Milito - 6: Had very few chances today and played slightly away from goal than he would have liked.


Materazzi - 6.5:
Filled in for Chivu in the second half quite well.

Quaresma - 6:
He committed a handball that went unnoticed by the referee. But he made a few runs that were quite encouraging.

Arnautovic - N/A

Subhankar Mondal,