Trapattoni Reveals Details Of Reid Row

A boozy sing-song may have cost Andy Reid his international career under Il Gaffer, with the veteran Italian admitting he wanted to kick the Sunderland midfielder's rear-end when he refused to end his 'concert' after curfew...
Republic of Ireland manager Giovanni Trapattoni has revealed the reason behind his falling-out with Sunderland midfielder Andy Reid. The veteran Italian disclosed that Reid, among others, was guilty of breaking a team curfew before a World Cup qualifier.

Three days prior to Ireland's clash with Montenegro in Podgorica, Trapattoni afforded his charges a relaxed evening during which time they were permitted to drink alcohol.

After overcoming Georgia in Germany, il Trap rewarded his team with some 'down-time', which he allowed to continue one hour past the designated hour.

In the team hotel, Reid was in possession of a guitar and was treating his colleagues to a sing-song, before the 69-year-old coach appeared.

Trapattoni told the press: "I let them drink beer. They had a free night. I said ‘Okay, 1 o’clock we go to bed. It comes to 1.30 and I say ‘Boys, bed’.

"They said okay, but they were again at the bar. Not just Andy Reid, there were ten players. I said ‘Okay, go, give the guitar up. You must go in bed. It is finished, it is 2 o’clock.’

"We had a game in three days’ time. The table was like a pub with all the beer on it.

"If he was my son, I would go boom! [kick him in the rear]. But he is not my son. Do you understand? This is the first time I have clarified the situation. The ten players can say it is true or not true."

Reid has not yet featured under Trapattoni for the Boys in Green, despite repeated calls for his inclusion from supporters and critics alike and was omitted completely from the panel that lost to Poland in Dublin last week.

Peter Staunton