Ter Stegen gives no guarantees over Barcelona future

The goalkeeper is relishing the chance of facing Arsenal in the Champions League on Wednesday but concedes his long-term future with the Catalan giants is uncertain

Barcelona goalkeeper Marc-Andre ter Stegen admits he cannot give any guarantees over his future at Camp Nou.

The Germany international, though regular first-choice in the Champions League, has been forced to play as back-up to Claudio Bravo in La Liga for the majority of his time in Spain so far.

Ter Stegen has been linked with Liverpool this season, and the 23-year-old could not offer any assurances over his plans at the end of the season ahead of Barca's Champions League meeting with Arsenal on Wednesday.

"The truth is I'm not really thinking about the future for the time being. I'm focused on tomorrow [against Arsenal], which is really exciting for me," he said on Tuesday. "It's a game where I have the opportunity to play again.

"The future is a long way away. But for the time being I'm interested in tomorrow. We want to win, I want to win, that's it.

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"If I can play football I'm not interested in anything else. Of course there is always pressure but I'm always excited about playing. If you can win games like tomorrow's, you have to enjoy that.

"It's a question I get asked a lot but I'm really only thinking about tomorrow. I want to do my best and the end of the season is far away. You never know what the situation will be. It's football, we'll see how things go.

"The situation is the one we've got. Of course you want to play as much as possible, but for now I play in the Champions League and the Copa del Rey and I want to play to my best ability all the time."