'Guardiola wanted Arsenal move - with Thierry Henry as his assistant'

Television show host and Gunners fan Piers Morgan delivered the bombshell in the wake of Wedensday's defeat to Swansea which dented Arsene Wenger's title hopes


It appears Piers Morgan has turned from Arsene Wenger’s chief critic to the man with the inside track at Arsenal.

The Gunners’ 2-1 defeat at home to Swansea City sent the television show host into another meltdown, with the #WengerOut hashtag getting another airing on Twitter.

But amid the calls for the Arsenal boss to quit the club, Morgan revealed a nugget of information that he’d been sitting on.

Yes, you've not misread anything, according to Morgan, Pep Guardiola was apparently keen to replace Wenger at Arsenal, and the dream package would’ve been complete as he wanted Thierry Henry as his assistant.

It seems that Morgan felt this news was of such magnitude that it needed a day (or a bad result) before being revealed to the world.

We trust this information would have been released if Arsenal had managed to beat Swansea on Wednesday night...