Fifa backs Football Leaks over Bale transfer documents

Details of the Wales international's move to Real Madrid, which cost the Spanish club in excess of €100 million, were leaked on Wednesday
The general manager of the Fifa Transfer Matching System, Mark Goddard, admits he would like to see clubs publicly reveal the transfer fees they pay for players after official documents relating to Gareth Bale’s move to Real Madrid were published on the website Football Leaks.

Following details that emerged on Wednesday evening, it has now been revealed that the total price Madrid paid for Bale in 2013 stands at €100,759,417, a figure made up of four instalments plus a ‘solidarity fee’.

The website has also leaked official documents regarding Anthony Martial's move to Manchester United, Eliaquim Mangala's transfer to Manchester City and Hulk's switch to Zenit.

Goddard admits the leak surrounding Bale’s move has been “very useful” and would like to have a system implemented where clubs publicise their spending on specific players.

“It would be really good if we could have a verifiable transparent, credible source as opposed to just back pages, and soccer leaks websites,” Goddard told the Associated Press.

“In the end the market finds out this information but they do it in a very unofficial, unstructured way and that really allows a lot of the opacity and the wheeling and dealing to be done. And that’s a real shame.

“Obviously the Football Leaks guys and girls have gone rogue. As an Australian, Julian Assange set the standard there with Wikileaks.

“For us, all streams of information are very, very useful and that one has been as well, we have a number of resources and places that we go to and that’s become another one.

“That adds to the picture that we try to paint when we are doing various compliance activities. There is stuff on that site that we could never produce or disclose based on our current waiver program we have in place.”