Adrian Mutu Hints At Imminent Fiorentina Departure, Club Announce Legal Action Against Agent

Mutu says that he cannot remain with Fiorentina any longer...
Adrian Mutu has revealed that he cannot remain with Fiorentina any longer while the club have stated that they will take legal action against his agent.

The Viola have excluded the 31-year-old from their squad following his alleged confrontation with a team-mate during training on Wednesday. Things turned ugly earlier on Friday when Mutu's agent Giovanni Becali lashed out at Fiorentina and said that the Della Valles "know nothing about football".

Fiorentina have now stated that they will take legal action against Becali and a statement on the club's official website reads:

"ACF Fiorentina announce that its legal representatives will take action against Mr. Becali in order to protect the image and interests of the club."

Mutu has now come out of his shell and made it clear that he wants to leave Florence.

"Five days before the match the coach told me that I was going to be in the first 18. When it was announced that it would not be like that I, considered it a lack of respect," he told told Antena 1.

"Fiorentina said a lot of bad things about me, but it's not a problem. I can leave in the next moment. Everything went bad after my suspension. It was like an explosion.

"I gave a lot for this club, I scored a lot of goals and I think I would have deserved more recognition.

"I never stayed in a team more than at Fiorentina. It will be very difficult for me to leave this team. I don't know why but I hope that all this crazy stuff finishes and I could continue here, but it's almost impossible now."

The Romanian also dismissed suggestions that there were problems between him and coach Sinisa Mihajlovic.

 "I read in the newspapers that I had a fight with Mihajlovic. I laughed. He is twice my size, how could I fight with him? That would be a little difficult.

"Anyway, after the morning training, Fiorentina told me that I am no longer allowed to participate at the sessions."

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