Luca Santonocito Returns To Italy With Milan

The young left-sided player returns home...
Late last night it would appear that Luca Santonocito returned to Italy to sign for Milan. The 19-year-old previously came through the ranks of the youth system at Inter, before joining Celtic in a three-year deal in 2007.

That deal has expired though, and Milan have captured the youngster outright. Celtic played Santonocito as a left back at youth level and reserves, but it would seem that the Italians want to apply him as a wing back or left midfielder.

When asked orginally about why he joined Celtic from Inter, Santonocito stated that Celtic's desire to recruit foreign talent had attracted him:  "First, the fact that they have seen me in Italy and they deliberately made me do a trial , the result of which you know.

"Moreover, I came from Inter, a squad of a great level, and they prefer foreigners over the national students where I played," he told the Italian Celts CSC.

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