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Ronaldinho Three Day Bash Behind Milan's Derby Defeat To Inter - Report

Milan lost the derby against bitter city rivals Inter because Ronaldinho went on a three-day booze-filled party, according to Il Corriere Della Sera.

Rumours in Milan claim the Brazilian celebrated for almost a week following his good form in the build-up to the derby.

Dinho spent three days in a luxury hotel in Milan as part of his alleged party, and he booked suites for himself and friends costing €1000 per night. He spent a total of €75,000 before he checked out to join the team at Milanello on the Saturday - a day before the derby.

The outcome was that he trained badly in preparation for the match, leading to a poor performance, and Milan's defeat. He missed a penalty too, fuelling rumours he was not fully prepared.

As things stand neither Ronaldinho, Leonardo nor Milan have made any comment on the press allegations. The report remains unconfirmed.