LA Galaxy CEO Tim Leiweke Slams Milan's 'Ridiculous' David Beckham Offer

The Los Angeles Galaxy continue to deride Milan’s bid for Beckham, stating that the Italians’ first offer for the superstar was pitiful.

Milan are still confident of securing a permanent deal for England international David Beckham, however, Los Angeles Galaxy chief executive Tim Leiweke has issued a stark warning to the Diavoli’s directors in an interview with La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Are we close to reaching an agreement with Milan? Not really,” he openly admitted.

“Milan put a ridiculous offer on the table two weeks ago and I turned it down within seconds. With that amount of money, the Galaxy would not even cover the losses in the sale of his shirts. No-one came to us after that and there are no meetings scheduled.”

Reports suggest Milan have offered €2.7 million ($3m) to the California-based club, who are reportedly holding out for at least between €10m and €15m.

“After that ridiculous bid, we have not heard from Milan,” continued Leiweke. “They contacted other people, including the MLS commissioner and Beckham’s representatives, but they did not call us. We are still the owners of his contract.

“This is a big mistake and they do not understand that fans are threatening to give up their season tickets, sponsors will be asking for compensation, opposition teams would like to know if the Galaxy will play with or without Beckham.

“If Milan really want him, why are they dragging things out? Do they think we will settle for less money? They are wrong. I have read that [director Umberto] Gandini will arrive over the next few days. I have a great rapport with him, but what’s important is that they will make us a real offer.”

Vince Masiello,