Tavecchio tells Juventus: Drop €443m lawsuit and we'll talk about your two Scudetti

The president of the FIGC will talk about reinstating Juve's two revoked league titles, providing they end their pursuit for damages
Italian Football Federation president Carlo Tavecchio has revealed that he is open to the possibility of Juventus being handed back their two revoked Scudetti, providing they drop their €443 million lawsuit against the FIGC.

The Calciopoli scandal in 2006 resulted in the Bianconeri being relegated from Serie A and stripped of two league titles, with the club and former general manager Luciano Moggi accused of having an exclusive relationship with referee designators.

However, civil and criminal trials have since determined that Juventus and Moggi did not enjoy such an advantage and that the punishments handed out in 2006 were based on incomplete evidence, and Moggi's prison sentence was also written off last week following his appeal at the Court of Cassation.

As a result of the subsequent findings, Juventus have filed a lawsuit against the FIGC and are claiming €443m for lost revenue and damage to their reputation.

"We have to get rid of the claim for damages and then we are open to negotiate with Juventus [over the two Scudetti]," Tavecchio told Tuttosport.

"We are the first to understand that, when you win a Scudetto on the field, you have a right to it. The pre-Calciopoli Juventus did not need to win in a court.

"We shall see [if they get them re-assigned]. What interests me now is to close the compensation case. The €443m Juventus ask for would bankrupt the FIGC."

Of the two Scudetti that Juventus had revoked, the 2004-05 title was left unassigned while Inter were handed the 2005-06 crown after originally finishing third.

A legal obstacle to Juventus being handed back their two trophies is the statute of limitations, which states that, despite the new evidence, too much time has passed to change the judgment of the sporting tribunal in 2006.

"We just have to get rid of the claim for damages, then there's nothing stopping us evaluating the rules and arguments," Tavecchio insisted.

"I have one aim, which is to find an agreement with Juventus on their appeal. Let's not put the carriage before the horse.

"How can you go to lunch with someone who is claiming €443m in damages from you? I don't know how my predecessors did it.

"Every time I've met with Juventus president Andrea Agnelli he's shown himself to be open to things, but we never went into details.

"I'd rather just shake hands with Juve and tell everyone to tone it down, but I can't do that. The FIGC has a dignity which we must get back."

The Calciopoli scandal has resulted in a difficult relationship developing between Juventus and Inter, but Tavecchio insists that his own past is not important.

"I used to be an Inter fan, but I no longer support them," he said. "Actually, I was one of the few Inter fans who was never offended when Juventus won.

"I have always had a soft spot for Torino, for their history and tradition."