Fabio Cannavaro defends brother Paolo over match-fixing ban

The former Italy international has leapt to his sibling's defence and suggested that sporting law should be changed so that similar cases are judged differently

Fabio Cannavaro has defended his brother Paolo after he was banned for six months for not reporting an instance of match-fixing.

Ex-Italy goalkeeper Matteo Gianello was also suspended for 39 months by the Italian Football Federation for trying to fix Napoli’s clash against Sampdoria in 2010.

And the World Cup winner insists that his sibling is innocent and, at a charity event in Naples, suggested that sporting law in the country should be changed.

"I was very sorry he had to be involved in this story, he is a white knight in a game full of scandals," he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“Sporting law should be reformed in order to better judge cases like his.

“I had two titles taken away from me, so I know how it feels at times like this because it feels like one is the victim of an injustice."