Luca Toni: Going to Dubai was a mistake

Despite admitting that the Italian league is in decline, the striker stated that he regrets leaving it for a championship that is not nearly as competitive
Fiorentina attacker Luca Toni has conceded that he made a mistake by swapping Serie A for the Dubai Pro League to play for Al Nasr.

The former Bayern Munich player made his move to the United Arab Emirates from Juventus earlier this year but soon transferred back to Italy to return to former club Fiorentina.

Toni stated that he is disappointed by the standard of play in the Middle East country, and advised players against taking the same journey as he did.

"Do not go to Dubai. I like playing real football and it is not like that over there. The place is nice, but the atmosphere is not," Toni told Corriere della Sera.

"I want it to be a challenge on the field and I want to play at a high level in a competitive league."

The 35-year-old also believes that the standard of football in Italy has gradually declined and he stated that Serie A should offer a more attractive brand to the fans.

"The standard of football has got worse. We are going down in quality. In the summer of 2007 when I went to Germany, the Italian league was better than the German one," the Italian added.

"Now it is the opposite. The problem is the quality that we offer to the fans. Without new stadiums we are not going anywhere."