Palermo disappoint Miccoli

The Rosanero captain has spoken pessimistically of his future, but isn't looking to blame the club's president for his current situation
Palermo striker Fabrizio Miccoli has told reporters at a club press conference of his dismay at not being offered a new contract at the club, despite his current deal ending in June.

The Italian international is disillusioned regarding his future, with a contribution of 16 league goals last season seemingly not enough for the club's president to be persuaded to offer Miccoli fresh terms.

"[President Maurizio] Zamparini wants to get to December or January before discussing a renewal, but at this point we may as well make it June. I don't even know if I'll sign," admitted Miccoli, speaking at a club press conference.

"I have not spoken to the president and I am not critical about his choices or those of the club. It's true, Milan and Inter cut their budgets, so of course Palermo would follow suit," he reasoned.

"My only criticism is in comparison with Udinese. They lost their opening two games, just like us, but at the end of the day they always seem to finish in the top five and in the Europa League."

Although Miccoli has admitted his frustration, the club captain is keen to dismiss any speculation to help focus on Palermo, as they aim to avoid relegation from Serie A.

"I am disappointed, but I continue to be motivated. Having said that, I come after the team, as before me comes Palermo.

"If we win against Cagliari and I am not even called up, then that's fine too. The team comes first and I am later.

"I will talk about my situation later on, when we are safe from relegation."