Bari's Salvatore Masiello and Alessandro Crescenzi involved in violent incident

Two Bari players were involved in an incredible dispute, resulting in stitches for one and a suspension for the other
Two Bari defenders were involved in a violent altercation over the weekend.

Salvatore Masiello launched a plate of salad at a team-mate during team dinner on Sunday after a joke got out of hand. Alessandro Crescenzi, in an attempt to prevent the plate from hitting his companion, stuck his arm out, upon which the plate shattered.

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Roma youth player was rushed to the hospital and was treated with 40 stitches. Bari are reportedly seeking termination of Masiello's contract after the incident, for which the player has allegedly yet to even apologize.

Bari director Claudio Garzelli told the Italian newspaper that the club is now looking into referring the player to the court of arbitration. In the meantime, the player has been provisionally suspended from the club.

Bari were relegated to Serie B last season after finishing at the bottom of the Serie A standings.