Juventus' appeal to have 2006 Scudetto restored is rejected by FIGC

An investigation into the appeal to have the Italian title restored claims the Turin club has 'no significant case' as the championship stays with Inter, but Juve are undeterred
Juventus have lost their final hope of seeing the revoked 2006 Scudetto returned as the FIGC (Italian FA) has decided it will remain with Inter.

Juventus filled legal documents with the FIGC in May 2010 asking for the 2006 Scudetto, revoked by the first wave of investigations into Calciopoli, to be returned.

Their basis was evidence from the ongoing Calcipoli 2 trial in Naples, where it has been shown a number of clubs, including Inter, were involved in the 2006 scandal despite this not having been proven in the original case.

Juventus believed the evidence in Naples was enough to warrant a review of decisions taken five years ago, feeling they had a claim to have the revoked title handed back.

However, after almost 14 months of investigations by the general attorney of the FIGC, it has been announced Juventus' appeal is groundless, and thus the Scudetto of 2006 will remain with Inter.

An extract of a statement following decisions in Rome claims there was "no significant case", while suggesting the facts presented by Juventus did not match the severity of their claims.

Last month former Juventus director Luciano Moggi was banned for life by the FIGC for his involvement in Calciopoli.

A few hours after the decision, in a statement issued by the club, Juventus questioned the ruling by suggesting a final call on the matter is premature.

“The archiving of the appeal by the prosecutor of the Federation makes an important distinction between subjects involved in the 2006 incidents," the statement read.

“For some it states the allegations were incorrect, whereas others underline the statute of limitations as a reason why they will not proceed.

“Juventus lawyers made an urgent request to read the motivation behind the reaction to this appeal, which was lodged on May 10, 2010. 

“Only after this paperwork is released can the FIGC and public opinion decide whether the ethical motivation behind the assignation of the 2006 Scudetto to Inter stood the test of time and circumstances, which strangely emerged many years later."

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