Lega Serie A President Renews Calls For Video Technology Following Robinho's Controversial Milan Goal

Robinho's goal against Chievo has led to video technology calls to be reviewed...
Robinho's handball goal for Milan against Chievo has led to new calls for video technology to be used in Calcio.

FIFA have tended to keep video evidence at arm's length, but with so many errors being missed by referees, Lega Serie A president Maurizio Beretta is yearning for change.

"A 'no' to technology is incomprehensible. We know we have to live with referee errors, this is also true when it comes to constructive criticisms," he told Gr Parlamento.

"Everyone must do their best for these errors to be reduced. In the end, the more we go ahead, the harder it is to understand the non-use of technology.

"There were some big errors on Sunday."

Beretta was referring to Robinho's goal against Chievo. The Brazilian clearly used his hands to control the ball before scoring, but it went unpunished.

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