Massimo Ambrosini: Now Is The Time For Milan To Win The Scudetto

Ambrosini is eager to end his club's Scudetto drought.
Milan midfielder Massimo Ambrosini has claimed that the 2-0 defeat against Real Madrid back in October in the Champions League taught his side an important lesson and they are now ready to win the Scudetto.

"The title has been missing since 2004 and now we really want to win it. The defeat against Real Madrid at the Bernabeu taught us something, so maybe it was a good thing to lose like that," he told Sky.

"It made us realise that to compete at the highest level, it takes many different components."

Coach Massimiliano Allegri has now changed to 4-3-1-2, with the '3' often being a defensive minded midfielder behind a playmaker and without Andrea Pirlo and Ronaldinho in the line-up.

"In order to win and advance far in competitions, a team must have the ability to change and to understand what is needed in a given moment. This is a solution that is delivering results right now, but may not be the definitive one," he continued.

"We all expect a lot from Pirlo, who is a crucial player for us, when he returns. During certain phases of the season the characteristics of the squad can be exploited. The problem with formations, beyond the tactics, is the spirit in which the squad interprets the instructions.

"To win, it takes a certain kind of mentality, the formation can change, but the spirit must remain the same from the first to the last day of the season."

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