Calciopoli Watch: Inter Made The Most Phonecalls In 'Farsopoli', But They Were Hidden - Former Referee Designator Paolo Bergamo

Former referee designator Paolo Bergamo believes Juventus were wrongly punished in 2006 because crucial evidence was missing...
Former referee designator Paolo Bergamo alleges Inter made the most phonecalls during Calciopoli, but it was Juventus and Luciano Moggi who were punished on one call during the orginal sports trial in 2006.

Bergamo, who has been a witness in the current Calciopoli 2 trial at the Tribunal of Naples has revealed a number of calls went missing in 2006 - something that has come to light in the current trial.

He alleges that Juventus were convicted on one phone involving the then sports director Luciano Moggi.

Bergamo also claims it was Inter who allegedly used and abused a system of communication designed by the FIGC to keep relations between clubs and referees above board.

Bergamo told Radio Power Station: "It was a moment when we were asked to create a tranquil situation for referees.

"The Federation (FIGC) gaves us a telephone which they used to pay for and they knew all the statements.

"Our phone numbers were given to all the clubs, and they all used to call us.

"At the time we were accused of speaking too much, but today clubs moan that we have closed up.

"The AIA (Italian referees association) proposed that referees must not speak with anyone, but then no-one liked that proposal.

"I think they tried to create a climate of tranquility for referees before matches to help referees.

"At the time (2006) they considered it was not something to be done, but this is not the truth.

"At the time Farsopoli (Calciopoli) broke out, they showed just one call as evidence regarding myself and Moggi. All the others were hidden.

"But, I used to speak with everyone. In particular I used to speak with Inter because they never used to win back then, and they always used to moan."

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