Calciopoli: Italian FA To Question Whether It Was Right To Hand Inter 2006 Title Based On Tribunal Of Naples Evidence

FIGC to examine evidence from Naples trial and decide whether it was right to assign Inter 2006 Scudetto.
The Italian FA's (FIGC) attorney Stefano Palazzi is ready to question whether the decision to assign Inter the 2006 Scudetto was correct, and he will use around 100 transcripted wire taps that have been acquired from the tribunal of Naples.

For those that have been following Calciopoli proceedings in Naples, Luciano Moggi and his legal team have been arguing that a number of clubs and their directors, including Inter also had regular contact with referees and designators between 2004 and 2006.

Based on what has come to light at the trial, Juventus have been pushing the Italian FA to launch their own enquiry to establish whether they could have their revoked Scudetti returned - one of which was handed to Inter during the original enquiry in 2006.

And it's that Scudetto that now hangs in the balance, according to La Gazzetta dello Sport.

They claim Palazzi will use the evidence he obtained from the courts to answer the question everyone is asking - whether it was right to hand Inter the title. Of course, back in 2006 the evidence that has emerged in Naples - over 171,000 wire taps - some of which involved Inter, were not available at the time for reasons Moggi claims relate to tampering of evidence during the original trial.

Palazzi will be keen to unravel the calls involving the then Inter president Giacinto Facchetti and designators in which he allegedly asked for Pierluigi Collina to take charge of a match between his side and Juventus. That particular game ended 2-2 and was not refereed by Collina.

Another call involves Facchetti moaning about certain linesmen. Palazzi will also listen carefully to the call between Facchetti and ref designator Paolo Bergamo. And there are also allegations against Facchetti in which has was seen in the referee dressing room during a Serie A game - this evidence is not yet available to Palazzi's own investigation, but the court of Naples will decide on whether he can obtain it during Tuesday's hearing - Massimo Moratti's presence is expected in the court.

The case continues.

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