Mixed Messages Over Whether Serie A Strike Action Will Go Ahead

Talks regarding the proposed Serie A strike action for the weekend continue, but things are not clear as to whether it will happen.
Talks between the Italian football association, players association (AIC) and Lega Serie A to avoid strike action continue, but there is confusion as to whether it will go ahead.

The AIC said they would stop playing this weekend in protest over a collective bargaining agreement that expired in June, but has not been renewed.

Lega Serie A wants to incorporate new rules into the agreement when it's renewed, causing a tension point with players who are unhappy with some of the proposals.

These include stipulations over wage structures, transfers and healthcare. And while talks continue over reaching a solution to bring all parties to an agreement, the burning issue is the weekend's strike which remains unclear.

Milan defender Massimo Oddo thinks it will go ahead, but those talking in Rome between the associations have a different view.

"For now the strike is going ahead and we'll see what happens on Tuesday. We footballers are the first to hope for a positive outcome," he told Radio Incontro.

"We are going into the meeting open-minded and we would like the league to be so, as they haven't been up until now. We will consider any alternative offer.

"More than fighting for the workers, we are fighting for human rights because we are not animals or parcels."

That message was not echoed by Lega Serie A president Maurizio Beretta, who is confident a stop will be avoided.

"We hope that today allows us to make a step forward in these talks and that we can postpone or cancel the strike," he told the press.

"We hope to reach a positive conclusion."

His view was mirrored by Leonardo Grosso, vice president of the player's association.

"We hope that the weekend's games go ahead, but we have not agreed on anything yet," he said.

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