Catania Ultras Announce Year Long Protest – Report

The Etnei supporters are in uproar against the ‘Tessera del Tifoso’…
With Italian fan groups across the peninsula up in arms as the new supporters identity card ‘il Tessera del Tifoso’ gets set to kick in this season, Catania’s Ultras have now joined a number of fellow supporters ready to abstain in a year long protest.

“Catania Ultras are united in saying no to the Tessera,” announced an official statement on

“Towing the line of a number of other fan groups, we have taken the decision to stand up against those who want to deny us our liberty.

“As a consequence it has been regrettably decided that as well as abstaining from attending all fixtures this season, we will suspend all activities connected with supporting.

“We would like to stress that our position is not a display of backing down but merely a civil way to say no to those who wish to eliminate us.

“The fans will stay patiently silent until something changes for the better.”

Given the similar line taken by fan groups up and down the peninsula, it seems Serie A’s stands could well be empty this season following the controversial decision to push through the ‘Tessera del Tifoso’.

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