Calciopoli Watch: Roberto Mancini Gives Evidence In Court, Luciano Moggi Challenges 'Defrauded' Claims & Another Inter Call Emerges rounds up the biggest Calciopoli stories of the day...
The Calciopoli trial at the Tribunal of Naples resumed on Tuesday and the prosecution attorneys Stefano Capuano and Giuseppe Narducci were keen to question former Inter coach Roberto Mancini.

The hearing started with Judge Teresa Casoria calling Mancini to the witness dock and Capuano started his examination. He was keen to hear Mancini's evidence in relation to whether Moggi had a system which he used to influenced referee designators and referees.

The court heard how four years ago Mancini alleged Moggi had some sort of influence, but he appeared to give a different version when asked by Capuano to explain what he told investigators in 2006 during the original trial.

Mancini told the court:

"At the end of a Roma-Inter game, which ended 3-3, I told the referee [Roberto] Rosetti that him and his friends in Turin would have paid everything? I referred to Moggi, the referee is from Turin and therefore the link was easy."

"But I didn't really want to say anything in particular. When you feel like you have been wronged after the game you say certain things in the heat of the moment.

"I remember the game, but not any moments that were contested. Neither do I remember shouting 'disgrace' to the referee during an Inter-Lazio clash, but I did have regular problems with referees.

"I saw Moggi near the benches only during extra-time in a Italian Super Cup match in Turin."

Moggi was not present in court as Mancini continued to be questioned. His session was brief though, speaking to the prosecution team for just 20 minutes.

Once Mancini left room 216 of the Tribunal of Naples, Moggi turned up. And he was keen to respond to Carlo Ancelotti's statements from a fortnight ago when the current Chelsea and former Milan boss claimed he and the Rossoneri felt 'defrauded' during the 2004-05 campaign.

That season Ancelotti's men lost to Juventus on the final day - a result which handed the Old Lady the title, only for it to be revoked following the 2006 Calciopoli trial.

Moggi attacked Ancelotti's words, claiming that referees who were allegedly involved with him made errors in favour of Milan. He argued that he and Juventus felt defrauded.

"The man responsible for referees at Milan, Leonardo Meani, is part of the club's structure. In the games against Parma, Reggina and Atalanta, refereed by Pieri, Racalbuto and Bertini, replays show they had made errors which had favoured Milan," Moggi told the court.

"If, like alleged, these referees were part of the so-called dome, then their decisions would have been different. Listening to these things, those who were defrauded were us."

The trial was adjourned and will resume on June 1. The case continues.

Meanwhile, another phone call regarding Inter has emerged and it was published in Tuttosport.

In it, former referee Paolo Bertini speaks with former referee designator Paolo Bergamo in which he alleges former Inter president Giacinto Facchetti put pressure on him before a game inside the referee's dressing room.

The game was a Coppa Italia semi-final first leg between Inter and Cagliari on May 12, 2005. It ended 1-1.

Here is an extract from the call:

BERGAMO: Those from Inter protested a little... when?

BERTINI: Eh, I didn't notice. But at the beginning of the game Facchetti came into the dressing room to say hello like always. He said: 'This is game 13 you know. For now we have won four, drawn four and lost four. This is not good for Inter.' Therefore we prepared the game in a certain way.

BERGAMO: Mm, mm.

BERTINI: It was not nice, he was not nice.

BERGAMO: You have to speak to him... be more tranquil on the pitch. I had already spoken to him about this before. He [Facchetti] doesn't understand anything.

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