Andrea Agnelli, Giuseppe Marotta & Luigi Del Neri Underline Juventus Direction

The new Juventus trio are working for success...
Juventus coach Luigi Del Neri and Giuseppe Marotta have been told they will have a sizeable transfer budget to weld a solid foundation for a successful squad.

The mandate from new president Andrea Agnelli is to build upwards, reach out, and bring trophies back to Turin.

"This is the start of the new season. We know we have plenty of work ahead of us. Marotta joins the club, a director of excellence. And, we have Del Neri, the right coach with great experience and the capacity to bring Juventus back to competitive levels," Agnelli told the press.

"Marotta knows he has the resources to build a great Juventus. We won't discuss what, but they do have the resources to make this club a great one."

Agnelli's big promises were met with commendation by Del Neri who has pledged maximum effort to fall in line with the club's new-found direction.

"I will give this team the right appearance and we have the will and energy to give great contribution, hard work and preofessionalism," said the coach.

"We will create a team that gives satisfaction to the fans. I think the club has built a good Juventus and we will try to obtain a winning Juventus. Not, just on the pitch, but in other situations."

Marotta has a proven track record of attracting great players over the years on his travels. And, he has clear ideas.

"I am very proud to have arrived at one of the best clubs in the world," said the general director.

"I will do my best to be at the top. There is lots to do, and Juventus have to rise back to the levels of their great history.

"The stronger the club, the stronger the team that plays on the pitch."