Former Roma Coach Carlo Mazzone Defends Francesco Totti's Kick On Inter Striker Mario Balotelli

Mazzone has leapt to Totti's defence...
Former Roma coach Carlo Mazzone has defended Francesco Totti's kick on Mario Balotelli by launching a verbal attack on the Inter striker.

Totti kicked the Italian from behind during the 1-0 Coppa Italia defeat. And Mazzone has defended the captain's actions, claiming Balotelli sparked up the trouble.

"We should not crucify Totti now. It must also be said that Balotelli is a real provoker," Mazzone told

"Have we already forgotten that he [Balotelli] fights with everyone? With the fans, his coach and even team-mates.

"Totti came on the pitch already nervous, but this is normal. Then obviously Balotelli said something excessive and he lost it by kicking out at him.

"Apart from his gesture, Totti is always Totti, a marvellous and generous person."

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