Calciopoli Watch: New Call Between Facchetti & Bergamo Emerges, Moggi Insists Referees Never Had Swiss SIM Cards rounds up the biggest Calciopoli stories of the day...
New calls involving former Inter president Giacinto Facchetti and referee designator Paolo Bergamo have emerged ahead of next week's Calciopoli hearing at the Tribunal of Naples.

Mediaset talk show 'Matrix' revealed the content of the call, which was handed over to them by former Juventus director Luciano Moggi and his legal consultant Nicola Penta.

The call, published by Tuttosport, involves Facchetti and Bergamo discussing the referee for the Cagliari-Inter Coppa Italia semi-final of 2005, a day before the game. The call is dated May 11, 2005.

Facchetti: Look, I saw the score that we have had with Bertini. Four wins, four draws and four defeats.

Bergamo: Damn, ok, lets do five, four, four. But wins.

Facchetti: But tell him that its important tomorrow. He has had 12 games, all four, four, four.

Bergamo: He will move one, the one that starts with V. I still have to speak with him, but he is intelligent, and he knows how things should go. Better late than never. Listen Giacinto, we consider Sunday's game to be a tranquil one. And we will put a debutant ref in the grid. Is that ok for you?

Facchetti: Yes ok, if you want to. It's ok...

Bergamo: I wanted to tell, please don't ever think about a lack of attention from my part.

Facchetti: On Sunday a debutant ref is fine for me.

Bergamo: A debutant, there is Mazzoleni.

Facchetti: Mazzoleni is from Bergamo... there is also his brother.

Bergamo: Yes, he is good and young. He has good numbers and has good promise.

Facchetti: No problem.

Bergamo: Listen, can you get me some tickets for Sunday for a client.

Facchetti: No problem, call me Friday or Saturday. Call me and...

Bergamo: Good luck.

Facchetti: Please... tell him.

Bergamo: Consider it done.

Moggi wasted no time in reacting to the call, which is not part of the 74 that have been aquired by Judge Teresa Casoria and used as evidence by Moggi's defence team in the trial of Naples.

"I think the presumption of innocence on me was obscured, despite it being a pivot of our constitution," Moggi told the 'Matrix' show.

"The new calls? I don't want to prove anything in particular, even because I never said the phrase 'all guilty or all innocent'. They made me say this. Simply they tried to say that nobody called, instead everyone used to do it. But only myself, Juventus and [Antonio] Giraudo were hit."

Moggi, who is being accused of association to defraud and sporting disloyalty at the trial, took a swipe at Inter.

"Inter never used to win because they used to get their transfers wrong, not because of me. They then started winning when they signed good players. That is the only secret," he added.

Moggi was then quizzed over the Swiss SIM card scandal, in which he was accused of allegedly keeping a network of communication with referees.

"I have never given any Swiss SIM cards to any referee," he added.

"I gave two SIM cards to the designators Bergamo and Pairetto. They had asked me for them. I bought the SIM cards to protect me from people trying to spy on me in relation to the transfer market. And, in the same shop where I bought mine, it emerged that [Inter director] Marco Branca was also served there."

"The referees never had them. If people thought they did, why wasn't Coverciano raided? They didn't because they knew they would not find them."

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