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A New Calciopoli Could Force Inter President Massimo Moratti To Sell Club - Report

Inter president Massimo Moratti could turn his back on the club and sell up following the latest revelations at the court of Naples in relation to Calciopoli.

On Monday Moratti explained reasons behind his father Angelo's decision to sell up 'La Grande Inter' in the 1960s. He said pressure from the press forced the club to change ownership.

And he could bow to more pressure as things heat up in Naples.

"We had reached a point where we were intoxicated from the criticisms, from the press. Of course now it's a million times more," he said, as reported by Tuttosport.

And now the Turin daily claims that should a new Calciopoli explode based on evidence from the court of Naples in which Inter have been accused of calling referee designators, Moratti will consider his future at the club, and could be forced to step down from his presidency and sell the club.

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