Luciano Moggi Condemns Juventus Patron John Elkann For Not Defending The Club During Calciopoli

Moggi has sent a letter to current Juventus patron John Elkann, accusing him of failing to defend the club from the Calciopoli allegations of the last four years...
Former Juventus director Luciano Moggi has accused current patron John Elkann of dragging his feet during the Calciopoli trials and failing to defend the club from accusations of cheating.

Moggi has questioned Elkann's statement that was published on Juve's website earlier this week where he asked for fair justice in the Calciopoli trial in Naples, four years after the sporting trial in 2006 sent Juve to Serie B and stripped them of two titles.

Juventus fans have always been upset with the way the club never stood up to allegations, and have wondered why they accepted sentences loosely without fighting in 2006.

Moggi has blasted Elkann for not standing up when needed after new evidence at the current Calciopoli trial saw tables turn with the evidence of Inter, Milan and others speaking with the then referee designator Paolo Bergamo.

In his letter to Elkann, Moggi is clearly fuming with the way the club have been handling their position in relation to all the legal processes that have taken place over the past four years.

The full letter, published by reads:

"Dear Elkann

I find it surprising to read the columns of the Corriere della Sera regarding your resentment against those who have accused Juventus during Calciopoli when it was you who accepted the sentence.

See Elkann, when you're on the side of truth and when you have the responsibility of an honest centennial history and dignity of fifteen million fans that Juventus are proud of the victories that they enjoyed with their families, then we have the 'moral obligation to address the injustices and lies with courage and sacrifice, aswell as the history and professional staff who writes this letter.

Remember that even before the sporting trial, you probably were not too surprised by what was happening and turned towards the glorious future, considering the recent international success that the new management has succeeded to collect, you had already decided to abandon me and Giraudo to our fate, refusing to defend and indeed, even worse, instructing your lawyer to accept passively any decision.

However, your suicidal feelings were not yet appeased true, how true that after the presentation of the appeal to the TAR in September 2006 for the annulment of judgements and suspension of the beginning of league pending a more just and equitable process, you decided that this action went withdrawn and that the decisions of the Federation were accepted rather than contested and then with public thanks from Blatter to Montezemolo!

During the second line of investigation, namely the alleged foreign Sim called Calciopoli 2, Juventus, on this occasion assisted by Franzo Grande Stevens, rather than defend themselves effectively as I did, preferred to negotiate and pay 300 thousand Euros!

Not even a fervid and unpredictable mind as that of Alfred Hitchcock would have imagined that the victim of a mechanism could become a hit with theatre that was itself guilty ... But you managed it with success in the trial of Turin.

In the comic (if not so tragic ...) scenario, Juventus managed by you, was not only limited not to defend itself and its leaders who have truly served for 13 years of success and victory "at no cost "- as your marketing experts would say during the launch of a new car - but even accused me, Giraudo and Bettega (why not?) of misconduct in terms of economic-management, but then it was promptly refuted by a careful examination by the court.

Remember that the absolution should apply to you as a conviction. I read in a statement from Juventus that the club 'hopes the institutions and organs of justice will ensure equal treatment for all, as indeed the company and its lawyers demanded in the course of 2006 Sports (!!!) .

You Elkann, with your unexpected and tardy repentance, remind me of the Unnamed Betrothed, who after a night of moral and existential anguish decides to repent and make a positive change to his life.

Sure one asks where it was and what you did and read over these four years, only to realize now that Juventus, the healthy and successful of the triade, has been unfairly vilified and humiliated, as well as accused by partial and contradictory evidence.

I also ask what you mean when you speak of "equal treatment that the defence had asked the Company during the sport trial." Certainly not to have successfully proposed the demotion, and revocation of two league titles won honestly on the pitch, the sell-off of a list of players worldwide and to the strengthening of Inter at promotional costs!

To think evil is a sin, but often one finds the truth behind this and who knows if your repentance is an attempt to divert attention from the disasters that your enlightened management has been able to give the fans. Want to see that the devil Moggi is returning again and will be useful to you and Juve after years of court battles and lonely suffering?"

Moggi's comments are likely to add to the pressure being piled on Elkann. The former chief has always said he wants to return to Juventus, but only if power is handed down to Andrea Agnelli, nephew of the late Gianni Agnelli.

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