Mario Balotelli's Agent Blasts Marco Materazzi's 'You Can Leave' Inter Jibe

Raiola has rebuked Materazzi for his public outburst against the young striker...
Mario Balotelli's agent Mino Raiola has lambasted Marco Materazzi after the World Cup winner told his team-mate to accept Inter's dressing room creed or leave.

“If he [Balotelli] wants to be a part of this group, we are happy because he is really strong.

“But if he wants to go somewhere else, the door is open," Materazzi told Sky Sport Italia.

Raiola is not impressed with that judgement, and he has told 'Matrix' to take a step back.

"Advice is always nice if it is given in private," Raiola told Rai Sport.

"I don't want to create a drama, but I was not pleased.

"I did not like hearing what Marco said in public. Certain things must remain inside the dressing room. I have never seen players of Materazzi's experience giving public advice to other players."

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