Lazio Coach Davide Ballardini Slams New Inter Striker Goran Pandev

The Biancocelesti boss claims that the Macedonian international exaggerated his situation at the club...
During the press conference ahead of the match against Livorno on Wednesday, Lazio tactician Davide Ballardini took a parting shot at striker Goran Pandev, who signed for Inter yesterday.

The 26-year-old had taken legal action against the Roma-based club in order to have his contract rescinded.

"Pandev? The lad repeatedly said he wanted to leave. He said he was put in a cage without any medical care and that is not true."

"It is one thing to say he wants to leave and earn more money, but he should not say he was backed into a corner. He has always been respected as a man and a player.

"He is the player and I am the coach. There are those that must make decisions and those that must respect these roles."

Afterwards, the 45-year-old attempted to steer the topic back towards the Biancocelesti's performances.

"We take on Livorno, who only have one goal, focusing on salvation and it seems that is something we are doing. But instead of this match, we have spoken about other things. This is the drama."

Adam Scime,