Stop Calling For My Head - Juventus Coach Ranieri

Juventus coach Claudio Ranieri is tired of hearing that he is no longer wanted at the club.

After a couple of disappointing results against Chievo (3-3 draw) and Genoa (3-2 defeat), which saw Juventus drop ten points behind Inter, coach Claudio Ranieri is starting to feel the heat. He is an unpopular figure amongst many fans and the Turin-based newspaper Tuttosport has repeatedly called for his head.

The Bianconeri face Inter this weekend, but what could have been a match for the Scudetto is now just an opportunity for Juventus to ward off hard-charging Milan in the race for second place.

"I am getting tired of people calling for my head each time," he said to Eurosport. "I've been here for two years, and at least five times [John] Elkann, [Giovanni] Cobolli Gigli, and [Jean-Claude] Blanc have had to come out and say that I'm staying at Juve.

"These words didn't mean much to me, as I talk to them every day and that's why I wasn't worried. I know what we are trying to build for Juventus next season.

"I think these voices come from the outside, they try to destabilise our environment, but I know that the Juve managers and I are on the same wavelength."

Danilo Pochini,