This Is Not The Juventus Of Five Years Ago - Dino Zoff

The former Italy and Juventus goalkeeper talked about tomorrow's match between Genoa and Juventus, and his polar opposite Jose Mourinho.

Once in a while legendary former Italy and Juventus goalkeeper Dino Zoff gives his opinions about the current state of affairs concerning either the Azzurri or his beloved Juventus.

Today he talked to daily newspaper Il Secolo XIX about tomorrow's match between Genoa and the Bianconeri.

"Juventus aren't doing badly," he said. "They had a misstep [against Chievo], but I'm convinced they are still confident of staying in the race for the championship. They are going to Genoa to get a result.

"How good is this Juve? They are a good side in every aspect, even though the players aren't the same as eight years ago, or even five years ago.

"However, I think this is an important year, they are almost ready to make a jump in quality. And there are also young players who are doing well like [Sebastian] Giovinco. I also think they will get reinforcements in the transfer market."

On Genoa, Zoff commented, "They are having a great season. [coach Giampiero] Gasperini makes them play very well. Genoa are fun to watch, they win a lot, and they have fun. This will be a very important round, also for the Champions League zone. There's the match at Marassi, the Rome derby, Fiorentina against Cagliari..."

The former Italy coach was known as a man of few words, quite the opposite of Inter coach Jose Mourinho. Asked if he thinks the Portuguese talks too much, he said, "Sometimes he says things I agree with, but he should not exaggerate.

"I also don't think he should become more important than the team: this season Inter openly aimed for the Champions League, and went out in the last 16. The thing is, TV is like a religion: if you aren't there, it's as if you don't exist. That's something I don't agree with."

Asked to make a prediction on the Genoa-Juventus match, he said, "It could end with any kind of result. And I'm not saying that do be diplomatic."

Danilo Pochini,