Italian College To Be Named After Inter Striker Mario Balotelli - Report

An Italian college has taken some drastic steps to highlight racism in football...
The Francesco Redi college in Arezzo will be named after Inter striker Mario Balotelli on Saturday as a protest against racism in football.

According to Sky Sport Italia, the name of the science institute will be "Liceo Mario Balotelli." It will only be named after him for one day on Saturday - Derby d'Italia day between the Nerazzurri and Juventus.

The head of the school and man behind the idea Claudio Sartori has confirmed the initiative will take place.

"My idea is to provoke people because adults and children should be made aware of these things and reflect on them," Sartori explained.

A banner with the name "Liceo Mario Balotelli" will be erected to cover the college's original name.

It is understood the head of the college will invite Balotelli down to Arezzo to take part in the event.

Salvatore Landolina,