Juventus Ace Alessandro Del Piero: We Will Bounce Back Against Inter

Del Piero is eager to lead the charge against Inter as he eyes a World Cup place...
Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero believes the team can bounce back in style from their negative run of form when Inter come to town on Saturday night.

The derby d'Italia needs little introduction, and Del Piero is eager to be there and help the team haul back some important points.

"Juve - Inter? It's a hard week for us there's no point hiding it as we have Inter and then the Champions League. We have to come out of this difficult moment in unision with hard work and improvement," Del Piero told Sky Sport Italia at the launch of his new official website.

"There have been negative moments for everyone at Juventus. The most diffucult was a few years ago [calciopoli], we managed to get out of that, and we can rise above this one too."

The finger of blame has fallen upon coach Ciro Ferrara, but the captain believes it's everyone's duty to function together.

"It's everyones reposibility, even the players, as we are the ones who get on the pitch. We have to give responses. We have spoken about it and we want to get out of this delicate moment; hopefully from Saturday.

"The coach is with us and we are with him. so is the club. now we have to prepare for Inter and then after that withj Bayern.

"Me? I am very happy with myself but I havent played for three months. Now I am back and happy and I hope to help out with this situation.

"We all have to restart destiny is in our own hands. We can determine this."

Del Piero has also hinted he still has ambitions to make Marcello Lippi's Italy squad for the World Cup.

"Italy? It's clear the attention focusses on [Alessandro] Nesta and [Franceso] Totti. I hope my name is mentioned around June," he concluded.

Salvatore Landolina, Goal.com