Juventus Fans Are Not Racist - Alessio Secco

Juventus sporting director Alessio Secco talked about the racist chants in Calcio.
One of the main talking points in Italian football at the moment are the anti-Mario Balotelli chants Juventus fans have been singing in the last two matches.

However, Juve sporting director Alessio Secco believes this has nothing to do with racism.

"The Juventus fans aren't racist," he said to Agi, "so we aren't afraid of any sanctions."

Secco also pointed out that yesterday midfielder Mohamed Sissoko was also targeted by racist chants.

"Yesterday, for example, there were no chants against Balotelli, but our own player Sissoko," he continued. "We will make our considerations on the incident. All our players are responsible and are given responsibility."

On the measures that might be taken against these problems, Secco said, "They have to be taken not considering just a single league game, there has to be a more open social project. Juventus have already intervened to censor a certain type of attitude in the past."

Danilo Pochini, Goal.com