Brazil's Kaka Desperately Wants Argentina To Qualify For The World Cup

The former Milan playmaker says that without their South American cousins qualifying for next year's World Cup, it will not be the same...
Argentina are now in danger of not qualifying for next year's World Cup, and Brazil star Kaka says that the tournament will not be the same if the Selecao's fiercest rivals miss out.

Having been defeated 3-1 on the weekend, the team coached by Diego Maradona now face not qualifying for the sport's pinnacle since 1970.

Kaka said that his team did their part, and qualified for the tournament, but believes that Argentina deserve to be there.

"A World Cup without Argentina isn't good," the new Real Madrid signing said to

"We did our part and qualified. Of course it is good that they lost, but it will make me happier if they were there, no jokes.

"We won, but in the World Cup, the best teams from all over the world need to be there."

Argentina current sit in fourth place with 22 points, five points away from Chile and Paraguay, and Colombia are behind them on 20 points. The top four automatically qualify for next year's event, with fifth place going into a two-legged qualification.

Rick D'Andrea,