Adrian Mutu Unlikely To Be Banned - Italian Lawyer

Two Italian lawyers have offered their legal views on the Mutu - Chelsea compensation case...

Fiorentina striker Adrian Mutu is unlikely to receive a ban from football in relation to the €17million compensation he has to pay Chelsea, according to two prominent Italian lawyers who have been following the case.

Earlier, press reports in Italy had claimed Chelsea could apply to FIFA for a ban on the striker, if he failed to pay the sum by Monday. contacted Chelsea, and they claimed the sentence was "vindicated."

One Italian lawyer Mino Auletta, who has been following the case and who, according to La Repubblica, works on behalf of Fiorentina, claims Mutu is unlikely to be banned from the game.

"Considering the actual situation, the possibilty of a ban that could force Mutu to retire are slim. I think it seems like a remote possibility," Auletta told Radio Blu.

Mattia Grassani, another lawyer with close links to Mutu, is less than certain though. Grassani believes a ban is possible, but it will take time before it comes into effect, if a ban is called for by the authorities dealing with the case.

"Even if Mutu cannot pay, I don't think the ban would be enforced straight away," claimed Grassani.

"There are plenty of beaurocratic avenues to go through before reaching that stage. It would take between 60-90 days from the moment Mutu fails to pay," he concluded.

Salvatore Landolina,