Fiorentina Fans Furious Over Felipe Melo's Likely Juventus Transfer

Fiorentina fans have painted graffiti expressing their anger over midfielder Felipe Melo's likely departure to Juventus.
It seems Juventus are getting closer and closer to signing Brazilian midfielder Felipe Melo from Fiorentina. As has happened before when players moved from Florence to Juventus, the Viola fans have started to show their disapproval of this likely transfer.

Graffiti saying "Melo e la sua fede," meaning "Melo and his faith," have been spotted in Florence, the joke being that every 'e' in that phrase was replaced by a Euro symbol.

Fiorentina and Juventus are two clubs that have always been separated by a heated rivalry.

The most famous example of a Fiorentina player transferring to Juventus amid heavy fan protests and bitterness, was Roberto Baggio, who joined Juve from the Viola in 1990 for a then-record transfer fee. However, Baggio had already become Fiorentina's most prominent player, having played there for five years.

It's not exactly a situation comparable to Felipe Melo's, who only joined Fiorentina a year ago, from Spanish side Almeria. However, his solid performances last season have quickly made him one of the team's most sought-after players, while his Confederations Cup display didn't hurt either.

Juventus are believed to have beaten Arsenal to Felipe Melo's signature, The Gunners having already tabled a bid for the star.

Danilo Pochini