Inter Are No Galacticos, Argentina Can Still Qualify For World Cup - Cambiasso

Inter midfielder Esteban Cambiasso compared his team to big spenders Real Madrid and also talked about the Argentinean national team.
Having already signed both Kaka and Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid have undoubtedly been at the center of everyone's attention in the summer transfer season so far.

Inter midfielder Esteban Cambiasso compared his team's situation to that of his former club before joining the San Siro outfit in 2004.

"We are not a 'galactic' team," he said to, "[Jose] Mourinho's Inter are a team made of players who can play well or not so well, but who aren't stars. Our spending power is incomparable to Real Madrid's.

"They are coming off a period where they have been overshadowed by Barcelona, so now they need to try and stop the Catalans. They needed to make these signings."

On the topic of Diego Maradona's national team, which he is currently not a part of, the Argentine said, "Maradona's Argentina aren't going through an easy situation, but they can improve and qualify for the World Cup."

Danilo Pochini,