Real Madrid Do Not Want Daniele De Rossi - Ernesto Bronzetti

The transfer guru is certain that the 25-year-old will remain in the Italian capital...
Real Madrid continue to look to reinforce their squad through the transfer market, but FIFA agent Ernesto Bronzetti has assured Roma fans they do not have to worry about losing their midfield talisman Daniele De Rossi.

"Real is trying to formalize the purchase of Xabi Alonso from Liverpool and has no intention of acquiring De Rossi, nor will the directors of Roma decide to let him go," he explained to

"The first reason is the Sensi family do not want to sell him, and as I have said before, [Real Madrid president] Florentino Perez would never insult their good relationship.

"Second, De Rossi loves Rome and does not want to leave the city, the team where he has grown and the team he is a fan of."

The Italian international is currently in South Africa for the Confederations Cup and was impressive during their 3-1 win over the United States. He has constantly voiced his desire to finish his career with the Giallorossi.

Adam Scime,