Giampiero Pinzi Dreams Of Lazio Move

However, the player does not seem too optimistic about this fantasy becoming reality.
Udinese midfielder Giampiero Pinzi has revealed that his lifelong dream is to return to Lazio, with whom he had started his professional career before moving on to the Friulani.

However, Pinzi is realistic and does not seem to have too much hope that his dream will come true this summer.

“If at Udine they would ask me to remain, I would have to think about it and evaluate it,” declared the player to

“My impression is that I’m a bit distant, but not because I don’t want to play there. Udinese right now is in the elite of the Italian football.

“I would surely dream of playing for Lazio, but now I’ve given up hope on that. In the past years I was close, but at the moment of concluding no agreement was reached.

“This is my dream, but I see it far away.”

The 28-year-old player has spent eight seasons at Udinese, playing a total of 182 league games and scoring nine goals for the club, whilst last season he played on loan at Chievo Verona.

Glenn Debattista