Moratti: Inter Fans Were Wrong To Whistle Ibrahimovic

The Nerazzurri Patron defended his star forward in the wake of the whistles during Inter’s 2-0 victory over Lazio at the San Siro…

Massimo Moratti not only looked to excuse Ibrahimovic for his gesture towards the Inter fans, but he pointed the finger in the opposite direction, as the future of the Inter star continues to hang in the balance.

Speaking to Moratti remarked, “A player like him should never be whistled. I think that his gesture was just a natural reaction, as he didn’t expect to be whistled at that moment. He came to clear it all up with me when we spoke after the game."

As the doubt over Ibrahimovic’s Inter future continues to grow, the Nerazzurri patron did his best to dispell the players' comments about wanting to play in Spain. 

“I repeat, what he did was just a natural reaction, it bears no indication as to a possible departure from the club. Ibra will remain at Inter for the coming season.”

Despite the words of the powerful tycoon, it remains to be seen whether the giant Swede will remain in Milan for another year.

Given his outspoken desire to taste new challenges and the gesture of contempt for the fans, it looks likely that the player might be off to pastures new. If any club can afford him, that is.

Stefano Federici,