Rosella Sensi Sends ‘Unprofessional’ Roma Into Training Camp

Sensi has demanded professionalism from the Giallorossi and announced the team might stay at Trigoria until the end of the season...

Last night’s comprehensive 4-1 defeat at the hands of Fiorentina has infuriated Roma President Rosella Sensi, who has issued a stern statement on the club’s website.

“I think Roma need to take stock of what is a very bitter campaign,” she fumed.

“We know full well that we played with half the squad injured this season and other players were forced to sacrifice themselves by playing in precarious conditions or in unusual roles.

“But now is the time to turn the page. I am not interested in talking about the Champions League or UEFA Cup spots. I ask for and demand effort, professionalism and dignity, out of respect for the fans who travelled in vast numbers to Florence,” she added.

Roma are now six points adrift of a berth in next season’s Champions League with just five games left to play.

“The squad will go into a ritiro and could remain there until the end of the season, because we need important answers for the present and the future,” continued Sensi.

“The club will play its part, as always, in order to make sure that we are competitive on a national and international level. But at this juncture, we demand professional responses in line with the wages paid in terms of football and discipline.”

Roma host Chievo next weekend and will be desperate to make amends for the display against Fiorentina.
Vince Masiello,